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Sifu William Kwok Wai Yin

Sifu William KWOK Wai Yin was born and raised in Hong Kong. He began martial arts training in 1979 when he  turned 7. His father was a Physical Education Professor from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a martial art fan. Under his father’s influence, Sifu Kwok  experienced Wing Chun Kung Fu when he was 14. At that time, he was not impressed with the style of Wing Chun Kung Fu he studied. He could not see the practicality in it. Young Sifu Kwok decided to quit Wing Chun Kung Fu after a few months of training. He moved to New York City in 1991. After visiting various martial art schools, he chose traditional Taekwon-Do to be his primary martial arts training. In 1998, Sifu Kwok began assisting his Taekwon-Do teacher, Grandmaster KIM Suk Jun, in teaching traditional Taekwon-Do and learned the ways to teach martial arts most effectively.


In 2000, he wanted to further improve his close-range combat skills. The martial art named Wing Chun Kung Fu appeared in his mind again. Sifu Kwok visited numerous Wing Chun Kung Fu schools and trained briefly in a couple of them but he could not find the answers he was looking for – the practicality of the Wing Chun Kung Fu forms. However, Sifu Kwok still strongly believed that Wing Chun Kung Fu could have a lot more to offer. He just had not met the right teacher. With his father’s connection and assistance in Hong Kong, Sifu Kwok finally met the Wing Chun Kung Fu teacher he longed for – Grandmaster WAN Kam Leung, the founder of Practical Wing Chun. Sifu Kwok found Grandmaster Wan’s Wing Chun theories were so logical and the self defense techniques were very practical. Ever since, Sifu Kwok has studied Practical Wing Chun and Qi Gong diligently under Grandmaster Wan’s private instruction.


Outside of the Wing Chun arts world, Sifu Kwok’s experience was quite varied. He currently holds a 4th degree black belt in Traditional Taekwon-Do. Sifu Kwok has also earned Post Graduate Degrees in Government Studies and Business Management from Harvard University and St. John’s University. Prior to teaching martial arts professionally, he was an adjunct professor in business management at The City University of New York and was a member of The Asian American/Research Institute. He also served as Market Manager for a major telecom provider.


Being a native-born Chinese, Sifu Kwok felt obligated to promote this unique combat system and Chinese culture to the rest of the world. With both of his teachers’ support and encouragement, Sifu Kwok co-founded Gotham Martial Arts – a martial art school that offers Practical Wing Chun and Traditional Taekwon-Do programs in November 2007. A year later, he became the Regional Director of Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu in New York and the first official instructor in the United States. On August 25, 2011, Sifu Kwok took part in the second Induction Ceremony (Bai Si) and became a Closed Door Disciple of Grandmaster WAN Kam Leung. Sifu Kwok is Grandmaster Wan’s first Closed Door Disciple that has both completed the Kung Fu system and taught professionally outside of Hong Kong.


Affiliated Branch of Sifu William Kwok: USA – Connecticut – Agostino DeSanti