Sifu Lee Tae Hyoung

by Lee Tae Hyoung


Sifu Lee Tae Hyoung taking an interest in martial arts had trained boxing from his uncle who was a boxing trainer when he was a middle school student. In high school, he had also trained the kick boxing for 3 years and recorded 5 wins and 1 loss in kick boxing tournaments held in Gangwon-do, Korea.
After graduation, he had much attention to defeat a person who has higher weight, and this became an opportunity for beginning of training Wingchun kung fu.


However, since Wingchun was not well known to South Korea in the early 2000s, he could not meet a master fulfill his passion for Wingchun. After 6 years past, it can not find the improvement for his Wingchun anymore.


In 2010, Sifu Kwon, who is a master of Tai chi and his neighbor, recommended finding a master to lead him in Hong Kong, and Sifu Lee gladly followed this advice. Fortunately, he met Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung who is one of Grandmaster in Wingchun Kung fu. He was fascinated by the systematic training courses and the logical theory of the Practical Wingchun as well as the kindness of Grandmaster Wan, and he decided to take private lessons. In Oct. 2011, Grandmaster Wan recognized Sifu Lee’s passion and effort for Wingchun, and declared him as one of disciples.


Today, he was appointed as the regional leader of Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu in Korea branch, and does his best to widely introduce Wingchun.