Italy - School 1

Sifu Riccardo Simonetti

by Riccardo Simonetti


My name is Riccardo and I live in Rome, Italy. I’ve been practicing martial arts since 1982.


After have been practiced many styles I understood that every martial arts had lost its initial purpose of self defense, because for many different reasons they became sports and because they want to get know by the mass and they introduce a lot of choreographic sections.


After years of practice I get to know the Wing Tsun in the 1997, even cause at that time it was the only wing chun style known.

After 3 years of practice I understood that Wing Tsun wasn’t for me and trough a friend I get to know the Wing Chun of Wong Shun Leung. After many years of practice I obtained the teaching certificate.

In 2005 I open my own school of martial arts but I still felt that something was missing in my Wing Chun.


Thanks to my passion in the research and thanks to internet I was amazed by sifu Wan Kam Leung and his Wing Chun and in 2009 I got the honor to get him and his team as guests for a seminar in my school and I understood that I found what I was looking for.


Sifu Wan Kam Leung is not just an incredible martial artist, but even a very good person in the every day life; he should be an example for every martial arts masters, that have to get rid of their ego and be master not just in Kung Fu practice.


Now I decided to follow him and I became his private student and instructor, every year going to Hong Kong to get better in his practical wing chun.