Sifu Veka Rounevaara

by Veka Rounevaara

I was born in 1975. My interest in Martial Arts and Asian culture started at a very young age.  I started  practicing  with Japanese styles as a teenager. After trying and studying  various Martial Arts  I got interested in Wing Chun Kung Fu.


In 1997 I was able to start practicing the Art in my home town. It was love at the first sight and ever since it has been a big part of my everyday life. The nex 11 years I spent practicing different views of Wing Chun with various teachers. Finally in 2008 I was introduced to Master Wan Kam Leung’s style Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu which I had earlier seen only on videos. It totally changed my idea of Wing Chun and Martial Arts training in general.


I feel privileged to have the change to learn this magnificent system from its’ founder. I will try my best to pass on the knowledge  given by  my Sifu Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung here in Finland.