Australia - Canberra - School 1

Sifu Danilo Hadjukovic

by Sifu Danilo Hadjukovic
Australian Regional Director
Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu

My interest in the martial arts was sparked with the film “Enter the Dragon” and its star, the late “Bruce Lee”. I started my first years training in Judo and then Tae Kwon Do for 9 years. In 1989, I was introduced to a style called “Wing Chun Kung Fu”.


From my first lesson I was automatically drawn to the style because of its “no-nonsense” approach to combat. I was getting e ver closer to what I was searching for within the martial arts.


Within my initial years of training in Wing Chun, I had not quite settled on a preferred system and therefore cross trained over the next 4 years with various other schools and practitioners of Wing Chun, Karate, Choy Lay Fut, Hung Gar, Western Boxing and Grappling.


I eventually returned to my original Wing Chun School and joined them on their annual trip to Hong Kong where I was introduced to Grand Master Wan Kam Leung and his system of “Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu”.


After attending my first private class with Wan Sifu, there was no question in my mind that I had finally found both the martial arts system and mentor to affiliate myself with 100%. Grand Master Wan Kam Leung is a humble, intelligent and brilliant martial artist. Well into his late 60’s in age and only of slight to medium build, he constantly amazes all who train with him with his sublime skill and effortless power.


In 2006, I had attained an “Instructor’s Accreditation” directly under Grand Master Wan Kam Leung, along with permission to open an Australian branch of his Kung Fu system.


On the 25th of April 2010, I was part of the 1st international induction (Bai-Si Tea Ceremony) in Hong Kong establishing me as an official “Closed Door Disciple” of Grand Master Wan Kam Leung.


Along with my other 5 Kung Fu brothers and 1 sister, I am now part of my Sifu’s “inner circle”, and therefore pledged to honour and pass on my Grand Master’s legacy to the next generation.


This role, I accept and undertake with the utmost pride, humility and respect. I look forward to a lifelong journey of loyalty and dedication to my Sifu, my Kung Fu family and teaching with continued honesty, integrity and passion.